Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another month...

Wow! It is been way to long since I have blogged! Another month has come and gone! Boy oh boy did it fly by! :) I guess it has been a rather exciting past 30 days! We went on vacation, started school again, spent time mending an almost broken relationship, and just simply enjoying the last bits of summer and family time.

Perhaps I am much more emotional or sensitive than other people, but honestly... I am nowhere near perfect and I don't ever plan to be! I make mistakes, have my moments, and try the best I can at everything I do. I do what I can for B and to give her all she needs. But sometimes, I wonder..."what about me?" Once you get married, become a mother, student, wear more than one hat! But somedays I just want to where MY hat. So tonight, celebrating my birthday (which is tomorrow) will be spent wearing my hat. And last I checked, the birthday girl gets to decide! :)

September is here, another school year has began! I can only hope for a quick semester! B starts preschool again this week, I am excited for her to get back into the groove of school, kids, and learning! :) She is my little beauty and can't believe I am another year older and she is another year smarter, making my day EVERY single day! Love her!

pictures and more updates to come...

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