Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's getting to be that time...

We are slowly making our way back to the states! :) The movers are here, packing up the few household items we have acquired the past few years! Let me just say, I have toooo much stuff! This was a good opportunity to downsize! So once they leave, my stuff will be on its way to MN! Yay!

My sister left yesterday, such a sad day! She left and I am sick as can be! B has been/still is sick for over a week now! Ear infection in both years, slightly obstructed airways, and a possibility of asthma?! How does that happen? But I believe she is slowly getting better...as I am getting worse! Such a terrible time to be sick! Back to sister's visit, we had an enjoyable time together! Just what I needed before I left Europe! We tried to travel a bit, but with B being sick, it was a bit of a struggle! We did make it France a few times and to a few areas in Germany! As long as she enjoyed it, I feel okay about not going over the top! :)

My last week in Europe, no plans! Just going to work my last day at Chili's, pack all my suitcases, and rest! B and T will have a few days together, since we won't see him until after March! So this momma is finally going to catch up on her sleep and say goodbye to some amazing people I met over here! Definitely going to miss some folks! :p

Not much else to update at the moment. Photos later, had to get a new camera! I have a bad habit of losing phones and dropping cameras :( It's damaging my bank account for sure! Anyways, hope everyone has a great week!

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