Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anything or Everything...

but normal???

Well, I have been  back in Minnesota for two full weeks. I spent the first entire week on the couch, sick as ever. I later found out it was strep; it completely took over my already weak immune system. I am still trying to recover, and it seems to be taking extra long. I still don't have my voice all the way back and sinus headaches are killing me! Ugh! Someone please wish me well! :) I could really use the good health!

Aside from being sick, B and I have slowly been adjusting to life in Minnesota. Let me just say, I want to move back to Europe and stay away from the snow! However, I absolutely enjoy the sun that MN gets daily! I already went in the ditch, and seriously, driving on snowy roads makes me 100 times more nervous than it ever used to! :p Welcome to Minnesota Winter Season! Ugh, not a fan.

I've spent most of my time at home, catching up on tv, applying for school, "talking" about getting a job, and finding B a preschool. This week shall be dedicated to finding a job and getting B into school. Well, maybe i'll find a job...

I have also experienced some frustrations coming back... Everyone has continued on with their life. It's hard to just jump back into everyone's lives, whose I used to be a part of. Almost as if we were forgotten, that's hard. They have all moved on, made new friends, gotten jobs, married, had kids, and other sorts like that. Starting new is never easy! Hopefully I'll have another chance with all those people whom I used to be so close with...all I can do is try, right? Family hasn't let me down yet, they have been so wonderful and I have enjoyed every moment I get to spend with them! Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandmas...I have some pretty awesome grandmas! :)

And as for now, just going to take it day by day. And continue to move forward...once I get back from Cali! Can't wait to spend a week in the warm weather!

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