Monday, November 8, 2010

Something along the lines of busy.

Who doesn't love the joy of being busy? A busy mind is a happy mind my dad always says! And he couldn't be more right! Being busy and accomplishing small tasks and errands gives you a feeling of accomplishment! Even if it is simply finishing your grocery shopping in less then an hour or depositing an extra $10 into the savings account or even scrubbing the bathtub we know we all like to avoid. Needless to say, I have been so dang busy and absolutely loving it! :)

Aside from being so busy and becoming exhausted, I believe I finally got my sleeping schedule back to semi-normal! Going to sleep at an almost decent hour and NOT sleeping my day away, Bri couldn't be happier to have a mommy who is wide awake in the morning with her! :) No I don't sleep all day when she is here, but for a while there, I spent a majority of the morning on the couch watching cartoons with her! But as of late, we made a change to that!

Haven't had many new updates, other than the fact that we are leaving in March, going to be stationed in Texas. Yep, Fort Hood Texas, here we come! Can't say I am excited at all, but ready to leave the KMC and see some family! And no, not planning on visiting MN before we head to Texas. I'm a bit bitter on visiting everyone in MN and slightly disappointed. So we're not going to talk about that! :p But speaking of traveling, we have a lot planned for our last few months in Europe! My daddy is coming soon, booked a trip to Amsterdam, and in the process of booking a trip to Berlin and Munich! So excited! My sister is coming in January and we plan to take a trip to London and Italy, and a few smaller ones along the way!:) YA!

My sweet  baby B, whom isn't a baby anymore, is getting so dang big! We celebrated Halloween last week, she had an absolute blast! She was a little pirate! I'll postpictures when I get them uploaded! T and I got to spend the night out as well, I was Peter Pan and he was Clark Kent! We definitely had a good time! Next big party out, NEW YEARS! Hoping for a trip to Prague or Paris! Yay!

I suposse this is getting long, We'll see when I get back on here to update this blog! It was a while since the last one, perhaps I'll be back soon to upload some photos! Hope you all have a wonderful week! Happy November everyone!

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