Friday, October 22, 2010

My toes are cold...

It's that time of year again! Fall made it's appearance early September with the changing of the leaves and piles on the ground! And of course we can't forget the bitter chill in the air! It is quite cold out as of late, we had our first frost a few weeks ago! I'm NOT ready for winter to begin what-so-ever! But fall in Germany is absolutely beautiful! It's like what you would see in a movie and it's so peaceful! I can deal with fall for while before the winter comes! I am anticipating winter this year though, for good reason! I will finally have some visitors! My daddy is coming in the beginning of December and my sister in January! :) I couldn't be more excited! I can't wait to plan some fun trips and travel a bit before we make our departure from Germany!

We recently recieved a phone call. It's one of those calls that will completely change everything! T was brough up on orders to leave Germany much sooner than we had expected! We planned to be here until July 2011, but the Army has other plans for us! So what does this mean? We will be leaving Europe in March 2011! Seems far away, but that's only 4+ months away! NOT LONG AT ALL! We have lots of traveling, planning, and packing to do! As far as my plans for the military and school, getting put on the back burner yet again! Hoping something works out sooon!

What does this mean for everyone else? YOU NEED TO COME VISIT BEFORE WE LEAVE! Tickets are still very reasonable! And I promise it will be worth EVERY penny! :)

Here is a photo if T and I finished our first 5k together! It was the Breast Cancer awareness run! Over 600 people showed up to run! T and I finished in about 33 minutes! not bad for our first race! Can't wait to run another! :)

Hope everyone is enjoying October! Be back later for another update!

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