Sunday, November 30, 2014

Updates on all my previous posts

-my sweet Linc is a walker! :) he will be one on December 21!!

-Bri is a favorite at school and excelling to a grade level above her own! So proud of her!

-i got a "new to me" vehicle! A 2012 Chevy equinox. I love it!

-i turned down the job offer in Minneapolis. It was at the VA hospital. I really wanted it, but I wasn't ready to move away. I still rely on my parents for help and if I moved away, we'd hardly ever get to see them.

-i still use Isagenix. I use it for maintenance-keeping my weight at a consistent number. Unfortunately though, I don't get the chance to hit the gym very often.

-i am still looking for a full-time army job. Maybe reclass into a different specialty. Not sure yet, its a lot of work.

-as time goes on, I thought I was healed up from my divorce and accepting the fact that I am a single mom, but in all honesty, I am still mighty bitter. My sweet littles didn't even get a phone call on thanksgiving. I am sad for them and their lack of relationship with you know who. I have left it up to him to be present and it's getting to be less and less. Apparently having a girlfriend means you can ignore your responsibilities. I'm tired of dealing with it.

-and lastly, due to my extreme anger and bitterness, I have taken it upon myself to talk with a professional who can challenge my thinking. I am going to have to deal with you know for the rest of my life with my kids, the least I can do is change my thought process so it's not a miserable subject for the next how many years.

-but other than that sore subject, things are good! My kids and I are good! (Minus being ill) and we are blessed to have what we do have! :)

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