Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Good, The Bad, is what it is

The Good:
Done with summer classes, and let me brag for just a moment...A's in BOTH, yes, BOTH classes (Biology and Chemistry)!!!! Let me just say that chemistry kicked my booty, and without my mom's help, I never would have passed! Thanks mom!!

We leave for Cali next week! I'm excited for a lil mini vaca before school begins again on the 22! Can't wait to hit the beach, eat some good food, and spend some quality time with the fam!

I applied for some workstudy jobs with the school, since I can't get hired anywere without experience, I'll at least get some through workstudy! I applied for 6+ and already have 3 resonses in a day! Wish me luck..err let my hard work pay off!

B and I have gotten to spend a lot more quality time together! She simply makes my day! At times I threaten to send her away to her dad, but at the end of the day, couldn't imagine my life without her at any moment! Our nightly routine just makes my day! No matter what mood I may be in, curling up with her to read a book and sing her songs, is the best feeling I could ever have! She is so sweet and silly, I just wanna hold onto the moments forever!

The Bad:
I applied for a job at the hospital! Got an interview, thought it went really well...didn't get the job! I can't decide if I should be upset that I didn't get it or excited that I have more oportunities elsewhere. I did shed a small tear and was really upset, simply for the moment I found out I didn't get it, means there was someone much better than I was. And I know I was more than qualified for that position. So when do you know what its okay to be upset or when to let it go? I know I am a hard worker, dependable employee, all of the above...when will I get my chance to prove that? But on a better note, possibly, this is only the 2nd interview I have ever had and NOT got the job. So I guess that's a plus? I've had quite a few jobs and/or offered the position after the interview...but this one got me straight in the gut! is what it is.
With the good and the bad, it is what it is. I really can't do a whole lot to change things and I am learning to deal with things, they are what they are! It's getting better! I am letting go of a lot and holding onto only what is truely important, I think! :)

Anyways, I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer!

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